Numbers tend to exert great effects on Chinese culture, including all aspects of life. The number “2” is a number full of mystical meanings and symbols.

It boasts a unique meaning in different areas, from “feng shui” (geomancy) to the Chinese zodiac, and traditional culture to modern concepts. This article will introduce different meanings of the number 2.

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1. The Origin of Arabic Numerals

The Arabic numerals were first invented by ancient Indians, later transmitted to Europe by Arabs, and later modernized by Europeans.

The simple strokes, convenience in writing, and the use of the decimal system for easy calculation have developed the Arabic numerals to be more popular in various countries, and they become a commonly used number in various countries around the world.

2. The Relationship and Differences between Number 2 and Chinese Character Two (“贰”)

Chinese Character Two

“2” is a symbol in the Arabic numeral system, usually used for writing and counting. It is an internationally recognized numerical symbol that can be used in different languages and cultures.

However, “二” (“2”) is a Chinese character for writing in Chinese, and its use can be traced back to ancient times. “贰” (2) is the traditional form of ‘two’, which is a more rigorous form commonly used for bank bookkeeping and other purposes to prevent others from tampering with the number at will.

Both forms represent the same numerical concept, with only differences in expression and environment.

In addition, there are also the Chinese characters “两” (“Liang”, meaning 2) and “俩” (“Liang”, meaning 2), which are also similar in numerical concepts to 2, but have some differences in Chinese grammar.

3. The Meaning of “2” in Traditional Chinese Culture

As a specific natural number, 2 is only greater than “1”, and it has a low numerical value.

However, the number 2 covers rich meanings in the traditional Chinese culture.

According to Origin of Chinese Characters, the number of “2” encompasses different meanings. It means that the number 2 covers everything in the world.

Besides, 2 is an even number and carries the meaning of “double” in Chinese culture, such as the combination of wisdom and courage, and virtue and art.

4. Is 2 a Lucky Number in China?

The number 2 is usually considered an auspicious number in Chinese culture, representing positive meanings like harmony, love, and double happiness.

If the Chinese are to get married, they tend to put up the Chinese character “喜喜”, to deliver the hope that the couple will grow old together and praise them for their excellent talent and appearance, civil and military skills, intelligence, and bravery.

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5. The Meaning of 2 in Feng Shui Studies (Geomancy)

In feng shui (geomancy), “two” is the most contradictory symbol among all numbers and represents dualism. The number 2 symbolizes both composition and division and mutual attraction and exclusion.

The number 2 in Chinese carries the meaning of the quantifier “couple” (“对” in Chinese) and is widely used in feng shui to represent marital relationships.

If you use the number 2 when setting up decorative items or furniture at home, it can bring about a beautiful marriage and family relationship.

At the same time, it should be noted that if there is only one person in your home, or if the offspring are not so close, arranging some paired items at home can create a sense of loneliness.

The number 2 is also used in feng shui to represent the qualities of acceptance and balance. It means that you can use even-numbered items in both your life and work environment to bring a more stable and harmonious atmosphere, such as two lamps, two identical chairs, or any other two similar or identical decorations. It can help create a favorable workplace and family environment.

The number 2 is also widely used to represent the characteristics of cooperation and tacit understanding.

If you are collaborating with others to complete a task, such as colleagues or business partners, you can use various items with the number 2 to strengthen your understanding and collaboration with others.

In addition, the element represented by the number 2 in feng shui is soil, and its color is yellow. Earth and metal coexist, and water releases the earth, bringing stability, financial luck, emotions, and health.

6. The Meaning of 2 in the Chinese Zodiac

In traditional Chinese culture, numbers are closely related to the Chinese zodiac. Ox is second in the twelve zodiac signs, so the number it represents is 2, symbolizing balance, stability, and endurance.

zodiac sign ox
(The Symbolic Animal – Ox)

Oxen are hardworking animals. People with this Chinese zodiac are usually calm and

strong in appearance but weak in reality. They are experienced, outgoing, kind-hearted, happy to help others, upright, calm-headed, proactive and responsible, witty and humorous.

7. The Meaning of 2 in the Book of Changes

The number 2 in the Book of Changes is the second hexagram of the sixty-four hexagrams, the Kun hexagram.

The Earth Divination of Kun: Upper Kun and Lower Kun, Pure Yin Divination.

The Kun hexagram is clear and gentle, and authentic wisdom is born. It carries all things with it, running endlessly and advancing endlessly, with a smooth appearance.

The Kun hexagram is also like land acquisition (opposite to the Qian hexagram), obedient to heaven and nurturing all things, so 2 has a root meaning. The Kun hexagram hides all things, which also means tolerance, management, and control.

Therefore, 2 also boasts meanings such as management, instruction, restraint, and guidance.

8. The Significance of 2 in Buddhism

The number 2 symbolizes the concepts of opposition and balance in Buddhism. Buddhism emphasizes balance and the Middle Way, and it tries to achieve inner harmony and tranquility by avoiding extremes and opposition.

The number 2 also represents the “two truths” in Buddhism – the bitter truth and the set truth. “Bitterness” and “set” explain the phenomenon of life and the reasons for its formation. Bitterness is the result of confusion, and set is the cause of confusion.

The two kinds of truth represent the causal relationship between life and death.

9. The Significance of 2 in Taoism

In Taoist thought, “Tao generates one, one generates two, two generates three, and three generates all things”, which reflects the laws of the universe’s generation, that is, interdependence, conforming to the nature of heaven and earth.

This sentence also reflects the fundamental ideology of Taoism: Wuji (the Endless) generates Tai Chi (the Ultimate), Tai Chi generates two Yi (complementary forces), and the combination of Yin and Yang (the two opposing principles in nature, the former feminine and negative, the latter masculine and positive) generates all things.

In this sentence, “two” mainly means “Yin” and “Yang” as well as the evolving “earth” and “heaven”, “dynamics” and “stillness”, and “having” and “not having” are opposite.

10. The Meaning of “2” in Romance

Firstly, the number 2 represents both parties in love. Whether it is the meeting of two people or the reunion of two people, it must be the two persons.

This number is like a “core” element in love. Once the number 2 is disconnected, the aura of love will disappear. This is also why many couples choose to use plural pronouns such as “we” and “the two of us”.

Secondly, the number 2 also implies uniqueness in love. In the digital system, 2 is the only prime number, which means that both love parties are unique and irreplaceable, and each love story is unique and worth cherishing and protecting.

In addition, in the language of love, the number 2 usually represents the equal status of both love parties.

“Two” symbolizes mutual understanding and trust between two people in love, like a perfect binary combination.

Finally, the number 2 also represents the tacit understanding and collaboration between lovers. In love, sometimes both parties must unite and overcome difficulties in life.

Only in this way can two persons achieve more perfect happiness. The number 2 is like a symbol of cooperation between both parties, a sign of mutual understanding and cooperation.

11. The Meaning of 2 in Homophones


The homophonic sound of “2” is “love”, which is widely used in Chinese culture to express love. A typical example is the number combination “520”, which is used to express the meaning of “I love you”.

There is also “5201314”, which means “I love you in my whole life” (“wo ai ni yi sheng yi shi” in Chinese), expressing deep love.

These creative digital words are not only common in writing, communication, and social media, but also reflected in gift-giving, road markings, phone numbers, and other aspects.

This is an interesting and creative expression in Chinese culture that combines numbers with homophones to convey specific emotions and information.

12. The Extended Meaning of 2 Online

In a specific context, the number 2 carries a derogatory meaning, referring to a dull person.

For example, in China, people often use words like “Second Class”, “Two Hundred and Fifty” (250), and so on to derogate people.

But if you say “2” to someone you are very familiar with, it is not derogatory, but rather a sign of feeling speechless or finding it very interesting about the antics between friends.

2 can also be used for self-deprecation, such as “Why am I so stupid! (2)”. This is actually more like one’s own attitude towards life, a mockery of reality.

2 also signifies a relaxed mood of not arguing about everything and laughing at everything.

13. Can I Take “2” as My Lucky Number?

Of course, you can! Making 2 your lucky number is an interesting and personalized choice.

In Chinese culture, 2 is often associated with concepts such as auspiciousness, smoothness, and balance, so it is considered a lucky number.

However, each person’s lucky number may vary and is generally determined through some calculation. Many people in life still consider their favorite numbers as their lucky numbers.

In short, lucky numbers vary from person to person, depending on individual beliefs and habits. When making decisions or choices, some people may consider lucky numbers in the hope of bringing good luck.

Overall, the meaning of the number 2 in Chinese culture has transcended simple mathematical concepts and become a profound symbol of thought.

It symbolizes the balance of the opposite, the fusion of softness and strength, and so on.

In traditional Chinese culture and modern society, the number 2 is not only a numerical value, but also a medium for expressing emotions, conveying wishes, and reflecting wisdom, adding a bright color to the diversity and uniqueness of Chinese culture.

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