In Chinese culture, luck and misfortune are one of the important meanings behind numbers. People often determine their lucky numbers in unique ways to motivate themselves and achieve good luck.

Do you know what your lucky numbers are? This article will show you how to find your lucky number in China.

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What Does Lucky Numbers Mean?

what does lucky numbers mean

Lucky numbers, as the name suggests, are numbers that can bring luck to people. They usually refer to positive meanings such as auspiciousness and good luck in specific cultures, traditions, or personal beliefs.

These numbers are often associated with meanings such as happiness, success, smoothness, completeness, and harmony.

In addition, when it comes to matters related to numbers, Chinese people generally tend to choose lucky numbers and avoid numbers that are considered unlucky.

For example, when choosing a license plate number, people usually select numbers that symbolize good luck and auspiciousness, such as “6” and “8”, and avoid numbers that are considered unlucky, such as “4”.

In short, these lucky numbers play a very important role in Chinese culture.

What are Lucky Numbers in China Culture?

In China, some numbers are widely recognized as auspicious numbers.

The number 1 is considered the most auspicious number, symbolizing leadership and creativity;

The number 6, representing smoothness and happiness, is a lucky number that many people will choose, and it often appears in daily social interactions, such as the online term “666”;

The number 8, symbolizing wealth and success, is also considered one of the most auspicious numbers;

The number 9, representing completeness and longevity, is therefore often considered a lucky number.

Of course, apart from the lucky numbers mentioned above, there are also unlucky numbers, such as the number “4”, which has a homophonic sound similar to “death” and is usually considered an unlucky number.

How to Find Your Lucky Number?

In daily life, choosing a lucky number can become your psychological support, bringing you courage and hope. However, determining one’s lucky number is a process that varies from person to person and is full of fun.

In this mysterious process, you can discover the wonderful connection between yourself and numbers.

#1: Based on the Intuition and Preferences

Sometimes, intuition and preferences can guide us to find our lucky numbers.

When you first hear or see a certain number, do you feel particularly catchy or have any special feelings? If there are, it is likely to be your lucky number.

You can also reflect your daily life and identify those special moments related to numbers. Perhaps it’s the number of the winning lottery, or wearing clothes with a certain number to win a competition, and so on. By organizing these numbers, you may discover a unique number only for you.

Or perhaps you see a certain number more than once in daily life, or when making a decision, a certain number suddenly come across your mind. These numbers may all come from the depths of your heart, implying that they have a special connection with you, waiting for you to discover.

#2: Based on Birthdays and Anniversaries

birthday as china lucky number

Birthdays and anniversaries are important in everyone’s life, carrying rich emotions and memories. From these special dates, you can find one or several numbers that accompany your life journey.

Firstly, your birthday is unique and it represents the moment that you come to the world. The date can be a lucky number closely related to your life.

If your birthday is May 6th, 2000, numbers 5 and 6 can be considered your lucky numbers.

Besides birthdays, anniversaries are also another way to find lucky numbers. Perhaps it’s a wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, lottery winning day, or an important milestone day.

These dates can all be used to help you find your lucky numbers.

For example, if your new job started on July 2, 2023, 7 and 2 can be your lucky numbers.

#3: Based on the Constellation

use constellation as lucky number

Each constellation has its own unique characteristics and attributes, and correspondingly, these constellations have different lucky numbers.

People with Taurus, the Earth sign known for its stability, pursue a comfortable lifestyle, so their lucky numbers are 2 and 6 as 2 represents cooperation and balance and 6 displays smoothness and prosperity. It also indicates that Taurus places attach emphasis to interpersonal relationships and cooperation in their pursuit of a stable life.

#4: Based on the Date of Birth

It is a popular practice in China to determine lucky numbers by calculating birthdays in that people tend to be convinced of the meanings of their birthdays.

The principle is very simple, which is to add the numbers of the year, month, and day of the birthday one by one until a single number is obtained. The final number is your lucky number.

Assuming your birthday is May 8th, 2000, your lucky number is 2+0+0+0+5+8=15,1+5=6. Therefore, your lucky number is 6.

#5: Based on Your Name

Each person’s name is unique. It is not only a symbol of identity but also involves a mysterious power. By calculating the name, you may be able to find a unique lucky number that belongs to you.

If you also have a Chinese name, you can use this method to calculate your lucky number. If not, you can also consider choosing one, such as Jerry (“杰瑞” in Chinese).

You can find your lucky number by following this method below:

Step 1: Divide your Chinese name into various Chinese characters and find the number of strokes for each character (you can use online tools or dictionaries);

Step 2: Add the number of strokes for each Chinese character to obtain the total;

Step 3: If the sum is a multi-digit number, continue to add its various numbers until a single number is obtained;

Step 4: The final number is your lucky number.

For example, the strokes of “杰瑞” are 21. So, 3 (2+1) is Jerry’s lucky number.


The above are five ways for you to find your lucky numbers, and of course, you can also try other means to explore lucky numbers yourself.

Regardless of which numbers you choose as your lucky number, it is important to understand that these numbers do not directly bring you success. What can truly bring you better luck and success is your own efforts and perseverance.

As an important element in culture, lucky numbers not only reflect people’s pursuit of happiness and success, but also demonstrate their sensitivity and profound understanding of the symbolic meaning of numbers.

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